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We focus on helping brands connect to their audiences
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Introducing Elefont Design

Elefont Design is a digital based studio located in Hyderabad, India. ED has a passion for pixel perfection, engaging user-centric websites and innovative tablet/mobile web apps. Elefont Design Team are creative strategist driven to develop strong client relationships, achieve their goals and aspirations.

ED caters to medium to large size companies, focusing on a range of industries such as communications, technology, wellness industry, educational institutions, investor relations.


In today's digital economy, there is no such thing as an offline business. Over the last decade, technology has dramatically shifted the way in which we interact on both personal and business levels. This level of digital interaction is spervading so rapidly that it can only raise the question of 'why begin anywhere else?'

Thus, in order for an organizations brand to retain competitive, a digital transformation is needed. A transformation guided by innovation, leadership and a user-centric mindset.

Point of Difference

As part of our process, we take time to learn businesses core objectives and processess. We review marketing goals and match them to business plans. This gives ED the ability to break down business strengths and weaknessess towards elevating or enhancing their digital awareness.

ED gives a clients’ brand an opportunity to consume a viable presence in today’s digital economy.

Latest Concepts

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